FAQ: Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating

NJ Driveway Answers FAQS:

1. Is new asphalt or concrete necessary for my driveway or parking lot, are is the number of parking spaces the issue?

New Jersey offers a variety of services including designing new parking lots or simple repairs; repaving and overlaying existing asphalt services is also possible. New Jersey Driveways are also adept at cutting and patching existing broken areas of pavement including potholes and areas with web like cracks. Such areas are cut out of the asphalt and repaved with an asphalt topcoat. We can also provide free pavement examinations as well as time plotted maintenance plans for your property.

2. What if I don’t want to use asphalt at this time and just want to park in the mud?

New Jersey offers a variety of natural looks at an economical price. We have a large selection of stone that offers a fine alternative to a muddy walkway for walking and parking.

3. Do I need to worry about cracks or spider-web cracks in my driveway?

Such cracks can soon turn to potholes and cost you more money in the long run. Fixing such cracks involves using a hot rubberized crack filler.

4. What if the color my driveway is grayish or white?

The reason the driveway has turned that color is due to the weathering effects of water, sun light and other factors such as debris molestation. It would be wise to seal the driveway and restore its durability and improve its appearance, giving it a dark black look. The asphalt and pavement driveway repair we offer will transform your driveway to look and feel like new.

5. What if I want to either sell my property or give it some more curb appeal?

Other real estate competitors are contacting us, wanting to enhance the look and value of their properties to help them get a quick sell. We can help you also! We offer services to provide for all your landscape needs, such as seasonal clean-ups, loam, flowerbeds, mulch, tree planting. Inquire about our reasonable Long Term Maintenance plan. We’ll do all the planning, so you don’t have to.