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Hiring a Driveway Contractor

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It is crucial for you to defend yourself from contractors who are less than trustworthy, scam artists, and products of inferior worth. Regrettably, the seal coating and asphalt paving trades see no shortage of such operations. While the majority of this website has shown how New Jersey Driveways operates, take heed of the following information which will educate you about what to watch out for when hiring potential contractors. Remember to always use your best judgement. The following examples will present you some instances and examples of dishonest activity.

Always prefer dealing with contractors who are local, and reputable

Try finding one who you either know or can offer to provide local references. Try to avoid those companies without a set location, but instead solicit business on the spot, traveling state to state. Most often there is no way that a consumer can gauge the quality of the product and the level of expertise which is applied. In the case that you are solicited by someone with out of state licenses, be on alert. By the time you notice any lack of quality they will be long out of reach.

Ask the service provider questions

tcafter2 300x225 Driveway ServicesThis way you can get as much information as you can about the contractor you ultimately choose. It is our pleasure to provide the public with information about the asphalt paving process and the benefits that it offers. If the person you are asking questions to seems evasive in answering your questions in a direct matter, or seems generally unsure how to answer such questions, it would be a good idea to simply walk away. Additionally, you may call New Jersey Driveways at (973) 955-2408. We would be pleased to assist you in your decision.

Asphalt Parking Lot and Driveway Paving Tips

The still warm asphalt is able to hold onto the gravel and functions to add texture to the driveway. This process is known as “chip sealing”. The popularity of this technique is rising every day. Some additional information about asphalt paving is a kind of concrete mix. It is black in color and composed of material found in petroleum. Most often it is used in driveways and roads . Installing asphalt paving requires a significant multiple step process.

Step #1 – Preparation

If there is an old driveway then it would be ideal to remove it. Asphalt paving is most effectively installed with a site of soil or fresh gravel. Preparing the area where asphalt paving is to be applied then involves removing an old driveway and its material or cleaning up plant and vegitation from the target area.
In the case of an inset driveway installation, the best procedure would be to prepare the mold or foundation. It is important that the path is dug deep enough such that it can hold the asphalt and gravel.

Step #2 – Setting the Gravel

Ideally the asphalt paving will be applied onto a base of gravel with a depth of 2 and 8 inches. The gravel sound in standard roads is typically the best for this type of job.

Step #3 – Find a Contractor

Special machinery is required to mix and lay the hot-mix asphalt. Without professional help the high temperatures is takes to mix the liquid enough for forming can be too much to handle.

When choosing a contractor for the paving job be sure to:

  • Get multiple quotes
  • Assess backgrounds
  • Set a date for the project carefully such that the preparation work can be done with before the contractor sets foot on the site.

An additional consideration when laying asphalt is to keep in mind the optimal working conditions, which is a rain-free day with lots of sun. The temperature should also be 70 degrees (F) or greater.

Step #4 – Allow it to Settle

Asphalt can only be used once it is set and dry. The length of time it takes for it to reach that state varies depending on weather conditions. With the right weather installation can take as little as half an hour.

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